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It's Cicadas everywhere

Hellooooo everybody! If you do not know, The Creatives is "technically" based in Maryland. And if you are in Maryland currently, you know that we are under attack! Long story short, cicadas are back and I'll catch y'all outside come July 😂. The only plus side is that when they're gone, they're gone for 17 years and I can't even assure you that I will live in this country in 17 years so there's that.


A few days ago, I was spending some time in NY and my sister and I decided to visit the KAWS: WHAT PARTY exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Check out my video on the "family kit" box I purchased while I was there:


Now if you've never been to the Brooklyn Museum, you should know that upon entering, there's a large brick walk and behind that wall stands two massive figures. The 18-foot-tall wooden figures greet visitors in a fashion typical for KAWS; 'X' eyes and somber body language.

The rest of the exhibit progressed relatively quickly. Once you reach the end at the gift shop, you can ("try to" because if you're not lucky, things will be completely sold out) purchase some merchandise.

It was cool, I'd recommend for people to go check it out if they can. The next museum I'll be attending is the Museum of Ice Cream; super excited for that experience and can't wait to share pics too.

I've got a couple things planned coming up so I'll keep things short and sweet for right now. I'll update you guys soon!


T. Brittany

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